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You said, We did …

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At GP Care, we welcome any feedback about our services from our patients, their families or their representatives. Telling us what went well, or not so well, gives us opportunities to learn and improve the way we do things.

If you’d like to share your experience with us, visit our Contact Us section here.

Here are a few recent examples of feedback we’ve received, and the changes we’ve implemented as a result.

Text Messaging:


You said

When a last minute appointment becomes available due to a cancellation, we send a bulk text message to everyone waiting for an appointment in that area, and we allocate the appointments on a first come first served basis.

A patient called in response to one of these messages, and wanted to take one of our cancellation appointments, only to find it had already been taken.

The patient suggested we make it clear on the texts that it’s first come first served to avoid disappointment.


We did

We have now updated the content of the message to explain this.

Appointment locations:

You said 

A patient came to our head office location for their follow up appointment and reported that the appointment letter gave that address. Whilst the letter was clear that it was a telephone appointment.

We did 

We agreed that the presence of our head office address could be confusing.

We removed this from all appointment letters.

Translation services:


You said 

We’d have some difficulty arranging translators for some of our patients, as our translation service had limited numbers of translators for certain languages. This meant patients were waiting longer than necessary for their appointment.


We Did 

We are now working with a new provider of translation services, with much better availability of all languages. We’re pleased to report there have been no unnecessary delays since we began working with them.  

Appointment cancellations:

You said 

We send a confirmation text out to patients a few days before their appointment, just as a reminder, and to ask them to call in and cancel if they can no longer make the appointment. 


We Did 

We recognised that it would be much easier if patients could text us to cancel, and this might reduce the amount of appointments where patients don’t show up. 

We’ve now changed the text message to ask people to reply if they need to cancel or change their appointment.